BizSchool's Flexible Programme

BizSchool is tailored to individual schools’ requirements and can be delivered over a week, a term or even a whole academic year for a class of up to 30 students aged between 9-15 years. Courses typically consist of 14-18 hours of BizSchool delivered content which focuses on small team activities and the real-life business application of Maths, Literacy, Art, Computing and Enterprise. Students also ‘learn by doing’, through running a pupil managed event and the 20 minute Pop-up Challenge with a £6 investment per team.

The course builds towards the Bears’ Cave where teams of students present their business plans to the Business Bears. Each presentation and business plan is assessed, with the strongest business idea winning. The class then splits into nine business departments to refine and improve the business. The business then launches and trades for a defined period before closing down and distributing the profits between a charity and a class treat. Each BizSchool programme will receive a printed and bound copy of the Teacher’s Guide, 30 Student Guides and 30 BizSchool ‘Graduation’ certificates.

Programme Phases

Business and Economics
SWOT Analysis
Project Management
Pupil managed Citizenship day

Sales and Marketing
Market Research
Finance and accounting
Business Planning
Pupil managed pop-up shop

Re-run Phase 1 and 2 activities building towards Bears' Cave presentation
Presentation skills
Presentation to Bears' Cave

Refine Business Plan
Launch business
Closedown business and distribute profits

On completion of a BizSchool Programme

Most children will:

– Understand what a business is, why profit is key + the difference between cost + price
– Understand most of the stages of a business lifecycle + critically assess a business idea
– Understand the structure of a project plan

Some will make less progress and will:

– Understand parts of the business planning process
– Improve presentation skills and development of slides and spreadsheets

Others will progress further and will be able to:

– Understand the full business lifecycle
– Conduct a SWOT analysis on a business idea
– Develop a business spreadsheet monitoring costs, profit and break-even
– Develop a project management plan