We were proud to be the pilot school for BizSchool in 2012 and our staff and pupils have enthusiastically embraced the project again this year. BizSchool creates an ideal blend of supported learning within a
well planned structure and process. The creativity and business acumen demonstrated across our Year
6 class were remarkable and the BizSchool leader, working closely with our class teacher, harnessed this very effectively. I would heartily recommend BizSchool as an education partner capable of bringing a new business focused dimension to education.

Paul Davies – Head Teacher, Grayshott Primary School


My twin stepchildren were very excited to take part in Biz School and found it an enjoyable and testing process.  It drew together so many disparate parts of the curriculum from art to maths, literacy to computing, in the unfamiliar context of business, which the children loved.  The fact that they made a sizeable profit which was split between a youth disability charity and a whole class activity made the business challenge ‘real’ and provided a genuine profit incentive.

David Bedding Company Director and Year 6 Parent

Having participated as one of the Business Bears, I had the opportunity to see first hand just what a fantastic learning experience Biz School provides. The children, who had had either no or limited experience of business, were engaged, motivated, coherent about complex ideas and, perhaps most importantly, clearly had a great time in the process. They were challenged individually and as teams. I thoroughly endorse Biz School as a way of bringing the perceived dull world of business to life to children.

Victoria Lewis Solicitor / Trainer, Governor of Grayshott Primary School


The children were highly motivated by the element of competition provided by the Bears’ Den and they threw themselves enthusiastically into all the activities involved in preparing for this. The range of activities was ideal for a mixed-ability Year 6 class and having an external consultant deliver and support many of these, enhanced the teaching and learning as well as giving the children an insight into the real world of business. BizSchool provided an excellent focus for the post-SATs period and slotted in well around other end-of-year activities.

Lois Proud Year 6 Teacher, Grayshott Primary School